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We specialize in "Web enabling" your database. This includes modifying an existing or creating a new database to collect, store, display, and administer dynamic information via a web browser. Our solutions are cross-browser compatible when necessary or can take full advantage of a single browser's capabilities for back-end maintenance.

LaGarde's StoreFront Modifications

We specialize in customizing your StoreFront 2000, StoreFront 5.0 SE, and StoreFront 5.0 AE based ecommerce sites to meet your needs. This includes:

    • Installing third-party add-ons
    • Creating custom add-ons
    • General tweaking (some examples)
      • Modified the check-out process to collect additional information. This has included adding desired shipment dates, inclusion of insurance, credit card verification number, and many others.
      • Modify shipping routines so free shipping only available to specific countries
      • Modify site so that product attributes can include text information (SF5 only)

If we can be of service contact us at with a description of your needs.

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