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What add-ons will you make available for StoreFront 7.0?

Currently all of the StoreFront 6.0 add-ons work with StoreFront 7.0 though they do not support the limited new functionality (described in this article). The business case for supporting StoreFront 7.0 appears poor at this time. As of this writing, StoreFront 7.0 has been available for over four months and I've only had three inquiries regarding supporting that product line. It is unclear if this low request rate is due to low adoption of the StoreFront 7.0 platform due to its low value proposition or because LaGarde, in its effort to retain all revenue, has choked off the third-party support which originally made them such a strong platform.
This article was last updated on Saturday, November 24, 2007 12:00:00 AM

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