Sandshot Software WebStore Manager 5.0 AE
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WebStore Manager 5.0 AE

WebStore Manager 5.0 AE

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
WebStore Manager 5.0 AE
Price:  $150.00
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  Version 2.00.001 Released September 1, 2003


The WebStore Manager component for LaGarde'sStoreFront 5.0 AE enables you to manage your StoreFront database directly from your web browser. The functionality of the Storefront 5.0/FrontPage 2000 user interface has been expanded to allow for those inevitable database customizations.

    • Security built in - no need to set up password protected directories
    • Customizable - the WebStore Manager interface can be customized to display those additional fields/tables that you've added
    • Enhanced StoreFront product administration via Product Manager
      • Manage you products from one page: View product summary, product detail, and product attributes together
      • Filter products by manufacturer, category, vendor, price range, and key words in product ID, product name, and product descriptions
      • Create new products by duplicating existing products, to include attributes, with the click of a button
      • Copy attributes (all or just one) from one product to another New Feature!
      • Supports renaming ProductIDs and Attributes
      • Designed to handle large product tables with ease
        " . . . you really made the database fly for me and the SF interface is so slow I could take a lunch break in between finding each product - NO JOKE!" - satisfied customer with over 3500 products in a SQL database
    • Enhanced category/subcategory administration with Category Manager
    • Customizable database "housekeeping"
      • Remove incomplete orders, temporary orders, and/or saved orders over a certain age
      • Compact and Repair your Access database PLUS make an optional back-up copy of the database
    • Installation as simple as moving the folder containing the admin files into your secure admin directory
    • Works on Access and SQL Server databases


The WebStore Manager component is licensed on a per webstore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation.

Special Note: It is possible to use this tool to manage your StoreFront 5.0 based website in conjunction with OrderManager5.0. LaGarde has recently clarified their StoreFront licensing agreement which states you must own a copy of StoreFront OR Merchant Tools to manage the web store. While I feel WebStore Manager is superior in most respects to the standard tools, it should NOT be used in a manner which will violate your licensing agreement.

Affected Files:

The following Storefront files require alteration only if you desire integrated security.

    • Storefront.mdb - a script is included to automatically upgrade your existing database
<% Call WriteOrderProductTable("WebMgrSF5AE") %>

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