Sandshot Software Sales Reporting Tool for StoreFront 6.0
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Sales Reporting Tool for StoreFront 6.0

Sales Reporting Tool for StoreFront 6.0

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Sales Reporting Tool for StoreFront 6.0
Price:  $150.00
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  Version 1.00.001 Released January 1, 2006

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The Sales Report Tool for StoreFront 6.0 enables you to quickly create extracts from your orders. This add-on was originally designed to support complex tax reports and has since been expanded to include additional report types.

Predefined Reports

  1. Orders by category, CSV
  2. Orders by category, html table
  3. Order report
  4. Order summary
  5. Orders by state
  6. Tax report

Note: The provided templates were custom created for customers' specific needs, are provided as-is, and may require additional work to work for your needs.

    • Advanced filter enables you to quickly find specific orders
      • Find orders by customer billing/shipping last name, company name, address, or email
      • Find orders by order number or even uid
      • Find orders placed within specific date ranges
      • Find orders which are awaiting receipt of payment
      • Find orders which are pending shipment
      • Find flagged orders
      • Detailed summary of all orders meeting your criteria
    • Works with all StoreFront 6.0 versions
    • Works on Access and SQL Server databases

The Sales Report Tool is licensed on a per WebStore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation.

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