Sandshot Software Sales Central for StoreFront 6.0 v2
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Sales Central for StoreFront 6.0 v2

Sales Central for StoreFront 6.0 v2

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Sales Central for StoreFront 6.0 v2
Price:  $50.00
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  Version 2.00.010 Released May 20, 2010

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A key to running a successful business is not only processing your orders, but understanding your product sales history. The standard StoreFront application enables to take orders but has no good way to visualize the orders through the fulfillment process nor any way to identify and summarize your site's sales or top sellers. This information is critical to managing your order fulfillment process and making sure you have adequate inventory. This add-on was designed to provide you one location to quickly capture your store's performance.


This add-on provides a convenient location to quickly view the order history of your website. It is broken into four primary sections:

  1. Today's orders - quickly review all orders placed today to include the amount, customer name, and transaction type. Order numbers are automatically hyperlinked to the Order Manager application, if installed, or to Merchant Tools
  2. Sales History - quickly view order totals for the day, week, month and year. Total order count, sales amount are included along with the top sellers list for each of the periods. Each product is hyperlinked to the Product Manager, if installed, and includes the actual number of products sold next to the name.
  3. Orders awaiting payment/shipment - these two sections enable you to quickly identify outstanding payments or orders waiting to be shipped.
  4. Annual Report - enables you to view this year's sales by individual month. Includes the same information as the sales history report but structured for each month. This enables you to track order volumes and product sales over a seasonal basis.

This add-on is licensed on a per WebStore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation.

Save $25 by purchasing this add-on as part of the Order Management Package.

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