Sandshot Software Promotional Mail Manager 5.0
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Promotional Mail Manager 5.0

Promotional Mail Manager 5.0

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Promotional Mail Manager 5.0
Price:  $100.00
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  Version 1.2 Released September 30, 2002

Your customers are your most valuable commodity. A common rule of thumb is you break even on your first time customer; that is the cost to acquire them roughly equals the profit you made on the sale. Making a customer into a repeat customer is your objective and merchandisers have long recognized that customer loyalty is key to growing profit margins. An important way to get your customers coming back is through email newsletters notifying them of new products which might interest them or of upcoming sales. When ties with in-store promotions, this is a very effective technique for generating new sales.

The Promotional Mail Manager for LaGarde's StoreFront 5.0  enables you to take your promotional mailings to a new level. Let's face it, the promo mail tool that comes with StoreFront is only adequate if your mailing list is small and you only want to send out plain mailings to everybody. It has no way to target specific individuals by ordering patterns/size. Also, the built in tools will send out emails to every customer record in the database, even if there are multiple occurrences of the same email address; not exactly a good way to keep your repeat customers. Third party providers offer methods to email everybody in your list, but provide no ability for you to target your mailings to customers with specific order patterns.

    • Practically unlimited mail list size
      • Email can be sent to everybody on your mail list, one at a time and individually customized
      • Automatic fault correction - if an emailing gets interrupted, you can restart without fear of sending duplicate emails
      • Duplicate entries in the database are automatically accounted for; no more fear of sending out multiple emails to the same customer
    • You can refine your potential mailing list based on previous order parameters
      • Narrow down to only certain products ordered
      • Narrow down to orders with products from specific manufacturers, vendors, or categories
      • Narrow down to only orders between a certain amount
      • Narrow down to only orders placed between a certain dates
      • Narrow down to only certain products ordered
      • and of course, show customers who are or aren't subscribed
    • View your potential mailing list and select which addresses to send the mailing to
      • Quickly identify your best customers
      • See the last time they ordered, their greatest order total and running total, and number of orders they've place
    • Send your mailing in either text or html format1
    • Customize your email using replacement codes
      • - Inserts the customer's first name
      • -  Inserts the customer's last name
      • -  Inserts the customer's first and last name separated
      • with a single space
      • -  Inserts a link to return to your site and unsubscribe. In html mode, the link is merely the word "here" linking back to your site
    • And of course, you can manually subscribe/unsubscribe your customers with the click of a button or two

See it in Action Here

1 Currently implemented on CDONTS and AspMail™


The Promotional Mail Manager is licensed on a per WebStore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation.

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