Sandshot Software Product Management Pack for Storefront 6.0 v2
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Product Management Pack for Storefront 6.0 v2

Product Management Pack for Storefront 6.0 v2

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Product Management Pack for Storefront 6.0 v2
Price:  $350.00
Sale Price: $300.00
Savings: $50.00

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  Version 2.00.010 Released May 20, 2010

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StoreFront provides a basic set of tools to manage your product catalog which as you've already discovered, leave a lot to be desired. We've developed a complete set of StoreFront 6.0 add-ons which cover your needs from bulk product importing to include all the necessary related items such as categories, to mass pricing updates to individual product editing without the need for constant page reloads. Individually these add-ons are known as Product Manager, Product Import Tool, and Product Pricing Tool.

Save your precious time for something other than managing your products. This is one of those must have add-ons that pays for itself after the first use in the time you'll save. You'll never want to manage your products with the default StoreFront admin tools again!

We guarantee it or your money back!

Comparison of the individual add-ons

Each of the component products specializes in different aspects of product management and are complimentary to each other

  • Product Manager - this StoreFront 6.0 add-on specializes in quickly locating and editing individual products. This add-on is for the detail work.
  • Product Pricing Tool - this StoreFront 6.0 add-on shares the same advanced filtering capability as Product Manager, but its specialty is quickly updating all of your product prices. The ability to change multiple products' pricing with the click of a few buttons is invaluable. You can also quickly put items on sale or take them off sale
  • Product Import Tool - this is StoreFront 6.0 add-on is the heavy lifter. If you already have your products in an external data source such as an Excel spreadsheet or a database, this one is for you. It is designed to adapt to your data structure and does a complete job of importing products.
  • Bonus Image Check utility - enables you to quickly identify images which are missing from your website


The Product Management Pack is licensed on a per WebStore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation.This package is licensed as a single entity and cannot be broken out for use in multiple WebStores.

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