Sandshot Software Product Import Tool for StoreFront 6.0 v2
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Product Import Tool for StoreFront 6.0 v2

Product Import Tool for StoreFront 6.0 v2

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Product Import Tool for StoreFront 6.0 v2
Price:  $150.00
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  Version 2.00.010 Released May 20, 2010

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The Product Import Tool for StoreFront 6.0 was certified by StoreFront on September 11, 2003As a merchant or developer time is one of your most precious commodities. LaGarde's StoreFront 6.0 ships with an import tool, however, it is somewhat inflexible and does an incomplete job when it comes to doing the actual import. The Product Import Tool for StoreFront 6.0 overcomes these limitations and permits imports including all category, vendor, manufacturer, gift wrap, inventory, and even tiered pricing information. There is no longer a need after doing an import to go in through the Merchant Tools and individually assign (or even create) category assignments. As you can see, if you save just one minute per product the time you save with this tool can pay for on your first import.


The Product Import Tool for LaGarde's StoreFront 6.0 enables you to quickly and easily import products from an Excel spreadsheet or an external data source into your StoreFront database. Now you can import external product pricing from an external data source, even when the format of the external data source does not match the StoreFront product format.

This add-on permits you to map the existing catalog to the StoreFront in a few minutes and then import thousands of products per hour!

    • Fully supports creation of categories and sub-categories
    • Ability to assign products to multiple categories and/or sub-categories during import
    • Automatically creates manufacturers and vendors during import if desired
    • Option to create categories, manufacturers, and/or vendors without any product import at all
    • Option to import only pricing/inventory changes for pre-existing products
    • Option to update only the fields you specify
    • Ability to specify the image path you need without worrying about the import tool modifying your path
    • Ability to import an unlimited multi-tiered pricing schedule unique to each product
    • Supports gift wrap, and multi-tiered pricing for AE/XE
    • Supports inventory levels, inventory low notification levels down to the attribute level for AE/XE
    • Supports imports from a spreadsheet, external database or even the live database itself
    • No need for the field names of the data sources to match; if a field isn't used, you can set a default value
    • Supports importing thousands of products at one time, unattended
    • You can automatically pre-fill product specific fields using a convenient replacement code
      • Ex. You can automatically fill in the product detail link to be detail.aspx?uid=
      • Ex. You can automatically fill in image links to be images/sm_
    • Ability to create new products or update existing products from the source database
    • Optional setting to only update price, sale price, sale price is active, and inventory levels (AE only) for existing products
    • Custom fields can be imported by adding one line of code
    • Supports an unlimited number or user-configurable profiles. Regular updates can be accomplished simply by selecting the profile and clicking one button
    • Supports importing related products
    • Supports attribute creation
      • Products can be created or update and have which attribute templates apply to the product - the attributes will be automatically created
      • Attributes can be created or updated using a short or long custom format. Short format supports attributes which are insensitive to price/weight while the long format supports all attribute options
      • Supports attribute specific inventory levels using the long custom import format

The Product Import Tool is licensed on a per WebStore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation. If you're a developer you only need a copy for yourself unless you distribute this add-on to your client.

Save $50 purchasing this add-on as part of the Product Management Package.

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