Sandshot Software Postage Rate Calculator for Storefront 5.0
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Postage Rate Calculator for Storefront 5.0

Postage Rate Calculator for Storefront 5.0

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Postage Rate Calculator for Storefront 5.0
Price:  $100.00
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  Version 2.0 Released October 23, 2002
"The Postage Rate Calculator has been the best modification we have made to our site. The simple fact that our customers can select the right shipping method for them and know the exact cost without going to another screen has increased our conversion rate GREATLY! .... we have increase sales 20% mostly by not loosing customer at checkout
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The Postage Rate Calculator component for LaGarde'sStoreFront 5.0 allows you to determine shipping charges real-time. This component communicates directly with the supported shipping carriers' servers to determine an estimated shipping cost. This component replaces the existing carrier based shipping functionality.


    • Determine estimated shipping charges real-time
    • Automatically selects an available shipping method if the customer selects an invalid method - No more carrier based shipping has failed messages because of the customer's mistake
    • Let the customer preview their shipping charges from any page before finalizing the order - helps increase sales since many potential customers will abandon an order rather than give up personal information just to find out what the order total will be.
    • Includes volume-based package size calculator
    • Automatically selects a back-up carrier based method if the customer selects an invalid choice
    • Shipping Method Specific Features
      • Each shipping method can now be individually customized
      • Ability to incorporate a per order charge
      • Ability to incorporate a per box charge (for orders which ship in multiple boxes)
      • Ability to set shipping multiples for the postage rate returned from the carrier
      • Offer free shipping for selected methods for orders over a specified amount (Ex. you can offer free ground shipping for orders over $50 and free express shipping for orders over $200)
      • Ability to limit free shipping to orders under a specified weight
      • Limit available shipping choices to orders over/under specified weights (usually used to prevent freight type quotes being pulled for small orders)
    • Carrier Specific Features
      • Customize package calculations by implementing preferred weights - you can now control the size of the packages being created for orders with multiple items (Ex. if a customer orders 15 - 10lb items you can have a rate for three 50lb boxes instead of one 150lb box)
      • Limit package sizes by girth, not just weight. Used for situations where you have bulky, yet light products
    • Ability to set order of shipping list on process_order.asp and set a default selection method
    • No special .dlls are required (except for Freight Quote) - just insert the script
    • Customizable (these are some recent cases and are only provided for sample purposes - they require additional customization)
      • Script is built in a modular fashion - specific business rules can be inserted as required
      • Ex. Some products may only ship freight
      • Ex. Attribute specific weights (requires database customization) already supported
      • Ex. Additional carriers can be dropped in
      • Ex. Include insurance costs, select residential delivery/business delivery

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