Sandshot Software PayPal Payment w/ IPN add-on for Storefront 5.0
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PayPal Payment w/ IPN add-on for Storefront 5.0

PayPal Payment w/ IPN add-on for Storefront 5.0

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
PayPal Payment w/ IPN add-on for Storefront 5.0
Price:  $75.00
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  Version 3.00.003 Released April 30, 2004

PayPal offers a convenient and low cost way to accept credit cards and with tens of millions of users, there is a vast pool of potential customers. StoreFront 5.0 has supported PayPal since its earliest version, however, there are many features which can be added to enhance order security, site professionalism, and increase revenue by reducing the number of "completed" carts which are not paid for.


LaGarde's StoreFront 5.0 contains the functionality allowing you toaccept Credit Cards, Personal Checks, or quasi-cash from your customers using PayPal.However, there aresome drawbacks to the default implementation.

  1. Early versions of StoreFront prevents you from accepting credit cards using your merchant account and PayPal
  2. StoreFront passes the payment information to PayPal in the URL.
  3. There is an inherent security risk using PayPal in that the payment information can be altered or forged during the time the customer is away from your site, yet it would appear in the order summary as though the payment was completed. For this reason you should verify payment directly with PayPal's secure site prior to fulfilling the order.
  4. StoreFront does not permanently save the customer's order unless the customer returns from the PayPal site. This means a customer can place an order and make payment, but by not clicking the final button at PayPal, you lose the order information. You are then in the embarrassing position of having a payment with no order and having to contact your customer to ask them what they ordered1.
  5. The customer does not have a chance to review the total order before being redirected to PayPal where they will likely see a higher amount than the one they saw on your site - they may just abandon the cart at this point1
  6. A new customer will have enter their information twice, once on your site and again on PayPal's site


  1. Security
      • Eliminates the security risk inherent using PayPal by verifyingthe customer made payment and of the proper amount by contacting PayPal's servers directly. Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is used with PayPal to insure orders are paid for and recorded.
      • All payment information is sent to PayPal behind the scenes using hidden fields - no more risk of the customer simply changing the payment amount in the URL
  2. Customer Convenience
      • Take Credit Cards, Personal Checks, or quasi-cash using PayPal and
      • Accept Credit Cards using your merchant account
      • The customer is given a chance to see the final order summarybefore being sent to PayPal
  3. Professionalism
      • Supports PayPal's image capability - the customer can now see your logo while making payment on PayPal's site
      • Saves the order so that when the customer fails to click the final button back to your site, the order is not lost. You won't be in the embarrassing position of having to ask the customer what they ordered from your site - but the order is marked to identify it as needing payment verification
  4. Advanced Reporting
      • Special report page permits you to view all your PayPal transactions.
      • Advanced filtering capability permits you to narrow down your history to view specific transaction details to include gross sales, net sales, and total fees paid.
      • Quick links permit you to jump directly to the PayPal site to review the transaction (if the detail provided isn't sufficient for your needs) or two directly email the customer
  5. Advanced Functionality
      • IPNs are automatically logged to the database
      • IPNs trigger events which can be used to perform custom actions. Example: This add-on has been in use on this site since 2001 and is what automatically emails orders
      • Actions are customizable based on user status, shipping address status, and/or payment type to match your business rules

1 In the later releases of StoreFront, PayPal orders are permanently saved to the database, however, if the customer does not return to your site at completion of the payment process, the order will not be retrievable using standard StoreFront order retrieval processes - you would need to look directly in the database or use Order Manager.

PayPal as your payment processor in your based ecommerce site. You can learn about PayPal here.

The Process:

  1. Customer selects PayPal payment method on order.asp
  2. Customer enters information on process_order.asp
  3. Order is processed in confirm.asp and displayed
  4. Customer is redirected to PayPal web-site to complete payment
  5. PayPal issues IPN to your site where this add-on verifies payment with PayPal and records the order complete - the customer no longer needs to click the final button on PayPal to preserve the order
  6. Customer is returned to your web-site via the button on PayPal to your designated page

This add-on is licensed on a per WebStore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation.

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