Sandshot Software Order Manager for StoreFront 5.0
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Order Manager for StoreFront 5.0

Order Manager for StoreFront 5.0

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Order Manager for StoreFront 5.0
Price:  $100.00
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  Version 2.0 Released July 1, 2003

Acquiring first time customers is expensive, making them repeat customers is where the real profits come from. One way to keep your customers coming back is to give them not only compelling products to purchase, but to give them the post sales "experience" they expect in this age of instant information. Let's face it, customers who order online expect to be able to review their order after the fact online, check the status of their order online, and of course, track their order online, all in real-time. The mere presence of this capability can also help give customers the positive impression of your site and by extension your company, to turn them from a browser to a buyer and further enhance sales. StoreFront comes with no built in capability to do any of this and that is where Order Manager comes in.Your customers are given the option to track their order from the moment they place it through shipment to include tracking links to your carriers.

Back office work is one of those critical functions necessary to the operation of any successful store and one where the standard StoreFront package can use enhancement. Order Manager is not only a order status tracking system for your customer, but a complete application enabling you to manage orders from the moment they've been placed on your site through product shipment to order follow up. Each step of the process has been broken up and analyzed to save you time. For example, most businesses tend to process payments and shipments at separate times and in blocks. Order Manager has special screens enabling you to do mass updates on payments and shipments.

    • Customers can review their order status real-time (Ex. special page)
      • Saves you the inevitable support calls as to "where is my order"
      • Presents professional image of your site to help build customer confidence/increase sales
      • Custom messages can be presented to customer for them to see on status page
    • Complete back-end order management function
      • Review abandoned orders which have been placed but not paid for - send messages to customers reminding them to complete order - increase sales
      • Add, edit or delete items from order
      • Edit orders to adjust product pricing, shipping, handling, taxes, and discounts
      • AE users can adjust back order quantities, gift wrap quantities and even have inventories update automatically when order quantities are adjusted
      • Edit customer shipping and billing information
      • Advanced filter enables you to find specific orders by customer, order number and date ranges and see a summary of all orders meeting your criteria
      • Review orders by payment history to view orders ready for shipment
      • Mass export tool to export complete orders in custom formats for third-party applications such as accounting or shipping tools
      • Mass import tool enables you to import custom files such as externally generated tracking numbers and send emails out to your customers notifying them their order has shipped with the option to automatically record orders as paid for at the same time
      • Quick entry pages to record payments and shipments without individually viewing orders
      • Print custom invoices, packing slips, and any other type of order specific document you need and print them for multiple orders at one time
      • Resend custom, confirmation emails
      • Supports an unlimited number of automated email templates with customizable, replacement codes which allow you to send personalized standardized emails - great for keeping your customers informed each step of the order process
      • Support multiple tracking numbers for each order
      • Separate area provided to handle back-order situations
      • Internal and external note areas provided to keep track of additional important information
      • Supports optional CCV number and deletions
      • Lots of additional, minor enhancements to make data entry easier

Order Manager is licensed on a per WebStore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation.

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