Sandshot Software Order Export Tool for StoreFront 6.0 v2
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Order Export Tool for StoreFront 6.0 v2

Order Export Tool for StoreFront 6.0 v2

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Order Export Tool for StoreFront 6.0 v2
Price:  $150.00
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  Version 2.00.010 Released May 20, 2010

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StoreFront 6.0 provides a solid base for accepting orders over the internet. However, once your orders start to arrive you quickly find you need to rely on specialized third party applications to handle the inventory, accounting, customer contact management, and shipping. Many small businesses find themselves re-entering order information into these applications which at the very least is time consuming and at worst, causes data entry errors which result in orders being shipped to the wrong location. Avoiding these errors directly affects not only your customers' satisfaction with your service, but your bottom line by avoiding the cost of misdirected shipments.

How does it work?

The Order Export Module takes advantage of the advanced filtering capabilities found in Order Manager enabling you to select only those orders you need to export. Once selected, you can pick from one of the provided templates to create your export files or create your own. The underlying technology behind this is the XML representation of the order Order Manager creates. Using Extensible Style Sheets the order information is transformed into any format you need for the third party applications.

Why don't you integrate directly with these third party applications?

Our objective was to provide a flexible framework which supports nearly all application and which nearly future proof. This type of application is middleware and we cannot control the interfaces of the third party applications we seek to provide information to. By creating text files which can be imported into the applications the changes of one application does not affect the functionality or support of the others. As applications evolve all that is necessary to upgrade with them is to replace one XSL file which defines the data format. This solution also eliminates the need to install any applications on your workstation which means in the case of some web enabled web tools, you can generate the necessary order export files from anywhere in the world and import them to the other tools

Provided templates

We have generated some pre-defined templates according to our customers' requirements. They are included with the Order Export Module at no additional charge. They are only guaranteed to have worked with their applications and may require additional customization for your use.

  • Endicia
  • FedEx
  • UPS WorldShip
  • QuickBooks
    • Tested to work through QuickBooks 2004
    • Supports exporting orders to include product attribute information
    • Customizable output format for special tax jurisdictions
    • This QuickBooks module is an application in itself. It was paid for by customers who's business complexity was such that the available StoreFront tools did not meet their needs. In their cases they had issues with special tax jurisdictions and/or products with attributes. This is a special purpose module which may require additional consultation to function for your needs

The Order Export module shares the licensing requirements of the required Order Manager.


The Order Export Module comes with complete installation instructions. None of the core StoreFront files are modified and no site recompilation is required. If you're comfortable moving files to your web server you should have no difficulty performing a self-installation.

Save $25 by purchasing this add-on as part of the Order Management Package.

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