Sandshot Software Gift Certificate Manager for Storefront 5.0
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Gift Certificate Manager for Storefront 5.0

Gift Certificate Manager for Storefront 5.0

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Gift Certificate Manager for Storefront 5.0
Price:  $150.00
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  Version 1.01.001 Released October 17, 2003

Gift Certificates are an outstanding way to reach new customers at no additional cost to you since your existing clientele is the one bringing them in. The incremental revenue associated with the actual gift certificate sales is a nice bonus, but generally the real value is the acquisition of new customers and their potential to purchase your products and spread the word to even more people. Gift certificates are also one of those items which are becoming standard on retail sites and one of those intangible features which may help sway a customer into spending their money with you rather than your competitor, even if they have no interest in a purchasing an actual gift certificate.

The Gift Certificate Manager is StoreFront 5.0 add-on which enables you to offer your customers gift certificates, gift cards, as well as store credits. Certificates are highly customizable to meet your needs.

    • Supports unlimited types of Gift Certificates
      • You can sell birthday certificates, anniversary certificates, or any other custom type of certificates you can dream up
      • Customers can view certificates and print them, designs are fully customizable
    • Certificates can be set to expire on a specified date
    • Certificates can be set to be one time use OR to remain valid as long as credit remains
    • Certificates can have unlimited redemptions and credits applied
    • Certificates have multiple, customer defined entries to send unique certificates
      • Optionally supports recipient name, recipient email, sender name, sender email, custom message, and custom certificate style
      • Optional implementation enables automatic creation of these certificates with the entries pre-filled in so all the merchant needs to do is validate the certificate
    • Secure - certificate numbers can be customized to taste and contain randomly generated numbers
    • Existing product can be identified as a Gift Certificate product enabling the automatic creation of a gift certificate during checkout. Merchant simply verifies the order, activates the certificate, and sends out the custom email to the recipient with redemption instructions
    • Multiple, merchant configurable email templates permit the sending of customized emails to the recipients

New Features in build 1.01.001

    • Added unlimited types of Gift Certificates
    • Added Stored Value card option in addition to Gift Certificate
    • Added unlimited email templates
    • Added auto-creation of fields for name, email, certificate type
    • Added ability to select if certificates are automatically created as active

Advanced Functionality

    • Existing product can be identified as a Gift Certificate enabling the automatic creation of a gift certificate during checkout. Merchant simply verifies the order and activates the certificate
    • Basic implementation
      • ShipTo email address is used for the Gift Certificate
      • Effectively limited to only being able to purchasing one Gift Certificate per order
    • Advanced implementation - combined with Attribute Extender's text based attributes
      • You can create a email address and message text field associated with your Gift Certificate
      • These attributes will be automatically carried through the automatic Gift Certificate creation process
      • Customer can purchase as many Gift Certificates to as many people as desired in a single order


There are three implementations available to meet your specific needs.


The core StoreFront 5.0 application does not support user-defined attributes, commonly referred to as text based attributes. As such, it is not possible to record additional information from the customer such as recipient email, name, or a message. The basic installation of this add-on recognizes this limitation and will automatically use the billing and shipping information to fill in the sender and recipient information and use the special instructions as the message. The limitations with this implementation are the customer must use the special instructions to enter this information and the merchant must manually confirm this information in the Gift Certificate. This also essentially limits the customer to purchasing one gift certificate at a time since there is no way to distinguish among multiple recipients.


The Attribute Extender add-on was developed specifically to address the user-defined attribute limitation. While this add-on does much more than simply add the ability to collect text with your products, we recognize many merchants have no need for the full functionality offered with the Attribute Extender add-on and have packaged the minimal functionality required in this option. The limitations with the reduced functionality is the Gift Certificate can only be ordered from a custom created Gift Certificate product page. This option gives you the ability to collect all custom attributes to pre-fill in the Gift Certificate and permits your customers to order multiple certificates in the same time.


This option requires you to purchase the desired version of Attribute Extender. If you chose this you get the Gift Certificate add-on installed at no additional charge.

  • MarilynMiglin - this is a standard "advanced" implementation and is the site you can thank for sponsoring the creation of this add-on
  • Reimer Seeds - this is a standard "advanced" implementation and is the site you can thank for the customizable, printable certificate capability which is now standard with the add-on
  • SongPeddler - this site required the ability to not only sell individually customizable gift certificates in multiple styles, but also to implement stored value cards for song downloads. The gift certificate add-on was extended to support unlimited display styles which are viewable by the recipient. Their myAccount installation was customized so the customer can view exactly how much credit they have remaining in a central location as well. As always, the modifications they paid to implement are included in the latest releases at no additional charge.

Management Tools

    • Manage your certificates through your browser
    • Advanced filtering capabilities to review outstanding certificates

This add-on is licensed on a per WebStore basis. This means that one license permits you to use one copy of the component on the Storefront web on your web server and one copy in the Storefront web on one local workstation.

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