Sandshot Software Dynamic Product Display for StoreFront 6.0 v2
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Dynamic Product Display for StoreFront 6.0 v2

Dynamic Product Display for StoreFront 6.0 v2

StoreFront add-on provider: Sandshot Software
Dynamic Product Display for StoreFront 6.0 v2
Price:  $75.00
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  Version 2.00.008 Released May 20, 2010

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Suggestive selling is time proven method for increasing sales. StoreFront 6.0 offers this feature via the upsell message, however, this assumes the customer has already added an item to the cart. StoreFront includes no built in method for emphasizing specific products. This add-on is designed to increase the exposure of the products of your choosing to your site visitors so you can increase sales. Advanced filtering capabilities ensure only those products meeting your criteria will appear.


  • Support four styles of implementation
    • General Catalog
    • Dynamic Top Sellers
    • Dynamic People who bought this also bought . . .
    • Related products (Requires database customization)
  • Easy installation/configuration yet highly customizable - just add drop one folder in your web and place two lines of HTML on your target page(s)
  • Products are randomly selected from database with no duplicates
  • Ability to sort the randomly selected products by any of the display fields, you can "stack" the products to show the higher priced items first or simply show them in alphabetical order
  • Use any field for your product image (small product image by default) with optional supports for default image naming conventions (ex. if all images are in the smImage directory and named smProdID.jpg)
  • Use any field for your product title (product name by default)
  • Supports adding two additional fields of your choice for display
  • Optionally will only display products if the images exist on the server
  • Advanced filtering capability so only products you want can appear
    • Include (or exclude) by category
    • Filter (or exclude) by manufacturer
    • Filter (or exclude) by vendor
    • Filter by minimum and/or maximum price (enables you to push only those higher price products)
    • Filter by date added after
    • Filter by date modified (existing, unused field in database)
    • Filter by a custom date field of your choice
    • Filter (or exclude) by keyword from the product name/short & long descriptions
    • Filter by items on sale or just regularly priced items
    • Ability to exclude specific products by product ID from being displayed
      *Supports more than one at a time
  • Configurable to display in a grid with as many rows and columns as you wish
  • Fully customizable - you set the overall appearance and they dynamic product display will fill in the details
    • Supports display of standard and custom fields
    • Supports display of product code, name, and description
    • Supports advanced features such as text/html which is shown only for sale items, such as a small, flashing on sale image
    • Supports display of image of your choosing, either small, large, or a custom image field from your database
    • Supports dynamic display of images which confirm to your own naming convention using the productID (ex. small_images/sm????.jpg where ???? represents the productID - of course the leading and trailing characters are fully customizable
  • Fast - database interaction has been minimized to maximize performance even on the largest of catalogs
  • Fully cacheable - generating the list of products to display consumes the greatest amount of resources - this option allows you to "name" a particular dynamic product display which will save the results in memory. This allows the following benefits:
    • Results are produced significantly faster on 2nd and subsequent calls
    • Multiple instances of the dynamic product display can be used on the same page yet they can be linked such that no two duplicate products appear
    • Option so that all products meeting the criteria are shown before a product display is repeated
    • Advanced algorithms fill the cache only as actual products are displayed to minimize memory requirements while maintaining fast performance

Typical Uses

  • Rotating content on your home page to push your higher margin products
  • Rotating content on your category pages to show random products from that category
  • Rotating content showing examples of items on sale
  • Recommended or "other people who bought this bought" type product recommendations on your product pages.
  • Best seller list

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