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CCV/CVV2 for StoreFront 5.0

CCV/CVV2 for StoreFront 5.0

Product ID: CCVforSF5
Manufacturer: Functional Enhancement
Vendor: Sandshot Software

Credit cards have a three or four digit verification number printed on the card to assist in verifying the credit card is in physical possession of the customer. This is a valuable fraud reduction tool, especially for internet orders. StoreFront 5.0 does not natively offer the ability to collect and process this code however it can be retrofitted to an existing site.

There are three types of installation available. All three include adding an entry to the payment form to collect the code. The differences come in what do with the code after collecting it. This is a fraud prevention tool so generally you are not supposed to retain the code longer than necessary to process the card. Generally saving the code for a few seconds to minutes is acceptable however you should verify this with your provider; they many demand it to be completely integrated with a real-time payment processor.

A first type of installation saves the code tothe database along with the credit card number.This optionalmost certainly violates your merchant account agreement. It is however the easiest way to post process the payment since the payment information can be completely displayed together for handkeying the payment into your terminal. This option can be added to an existing site for the base purchase price.

A second type of installation has the code emailed to you. It is not stored in the database so the card number and code are not maintained together.This method is more secure in some respects however it also likely violates your merchant agreement since chances are you do not actually permanently delete emails which means you have retained the code. This option can be added to an existing site for the base purchase price.

The most complete option and the only one which does not violate merchant account agreements is to add the code to the real-time authorization. This isn't an option if you use off-line processing of course so that would need to be added as well. This option requires additional customization of the processing modulebeyond the base purchase priceso contact us for a custom quote; be sure to include the name of the payment processor you use.

Price: $100.00


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